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Princess Lottie

Today we pointed Lottie’s nose north and cruised up the stunning Danish coastline towards the town of Klitmoller – otherwise known as Europe’s windsurfing mecca. It was all we could do to stop Lottie becoming airborne.

After some supremely imaginative re-packing, Lottie now drives like a dream (rather than a waddling duck). We’ve upgraded her team status from ‘normal’ to ‘Princess’. She looks the part even more than ever.

A lucky wrong turn and we happened across a charming roadside stall selling everything we need for dinner tonight. A pot of jam and potatoes with their dirt still on. The best kind. Yum.

This evening we also did a test run of the Gigapan – a robotic mount for a camera that allows us to take awesome panoramic pictures. Here’s one we did earlier. More exciting ones to follow once we get to Iceland.

Tomorrow we take the ferry to Iceland, but we’ve be warned – apparently, as well as being a Europe’s largest windsurfing resort, the port is also home to Europe’s largest fish factory. Let’s hope the ferry sails upwind, as otherwise we’ve been told the smell of mackerel linkers for weeks.

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james on 3/08/2010 at 4:26 pm said :

Hey Good too see your making headwind.. nice spot

good luck! all

brodericks bars rule!!

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