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Interview with Villi Knudsen

Asked if he’s passionate about volcanoes Villi Knudsen tells us he’s interested in people who make shoes, he thinks being a postman would be an interesting job and that he enjoys watching his model train of an evening.
Not what you’d expect from a man who’s spent his life chasing…
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A geological start

Geologically speaking, Fault Line Living truly began today with us visiting the dramatic ‘start’ of the fault line we are following in Iceland – the Mid-Atlantic Ridge – a massive 18,000 km rift between two of the earth’s major tectonic plates. We visited the point at which the ridge enters…
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Are we nearly there yet?

We’ve been on the ferry to Iceland for two days now. I think it’s safe to say we’ve all got cabin fever. This has been our entertainment:

This afternoon the ferry pulled up at the ruggedly beautiful Faeroes Islands in the middle of the North Atlantic Sea, population of 48,000. Crikey….
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Princess Lottie

Today we pointed Lottie’s nose north and cruised up the stunning Danish coastline towards the town of Klitmoller – otherwise known as Europe’s windsurfing mecca. It was all we could do to stop Lottie becoming airborne.
After some supremely imaginative re-packing, Lottie now drives like a dream (rather than a waddling…
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Hello Denmark

We couldn’t wish for a better place for our first night trying out our camping kit. We hit gold with a beautiful campsite in Bjerregard – on the sweeping, wind-surfers paradise coast of West Denmark. Lovely friendly people who looked on with friendly faces as we attempted to set…
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A distinctly unglamorous departure

After the big hullaballoo of us leaving – tears were shed, Lottie was christened with some lovely Rose Cava, and some of our closest friends turning up to wave us off, we found ourselves in the distinctly unglamorous dock otherwise known as Harwich International Port.

To be honest, even though…
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Packing up Lottie

This evening we packed up Lottie, and then unpacked her, four times.
Yikes. We’ve got so much stuff it’s unfunny. The person sitting on the back seat is so squashed in with bags that they can’t really move or breathe properly, let alone be a useful passenger (help navigate,…
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Off-road training day 2

One of the highlights so far. All three of us went to Land Rover Experience at Eastnor Castle, where Land Rover have access to the 5000 acres of mud tracks, steep hills, rivers, and forests at the foot of the Malverns Hills.
Here we got to experience the Defender in its…
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Off-road training day 1

Day one at Land Rover Experience. See if you can spot the bit where one of us has a little driving ‘wobble’…