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What makes Lottie special?

Many people have asked us how we’re managing to live out of Lottie for four months, let alone transform her into a mobile studio every evening when we knuckle down to the business of editing footage. For those petrol heads following us, here’s a list of the ways in which…
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Hello Greece

Good bye Italy. We wanted to stay longer but the port of Brindisi isn’t somewhere you’d want to hang around long in.
We did however meet the fascinating Jojo Was Noch who was transporting racing horses from Germany to Iran. He gave us lots of advice about what to expect…
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You say tomato

So far we’ve come across geo-thermal energy being harnessed to generate electricity, bake bread, make cinder blocks, de-ice pavements and heat water for swimming pools.
As we drove east of Reykjavik, we came across yet another example of the earth’s natural energy being used creatively by the Icelanders –…
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Gateway to hell

One of our more nerve-racking days. The long bone-shaking drive through the interior came to an end and we reached Hekla – one of Iceland’s most active volcanoes, also known as the ‘Gateway to Hell’.
It has erupted over 20 times, and is surrounded by miles and miles of lava…
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A geological start

Geologically speaking, Fault Line Living truly began today with us visiting the dramatic ‘start’ of the fault line we are following in Iceland – the Mid-Atlantic Ridge – a massive 18,000 km rift between two of the earth’s major tectonic plates. We visited the point at which the ridge enters…
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Princess Lottie

Today we pointed Lottie’s nose north and cruised up the stunning Danish coastline towards the town of Klitmoller – otherwise known as Europe’s windsurfing mecca. It was all we could do to stop Lottie becoming airborne.
After some supremely imaginative re-packing, Lottie now drives like a dream (rather than a waddling…
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Packing up Lottie

This evening we packed up Lottie, and then unpacked her, four times.
Yikes. We’ve got so much stuff it’s unfunny. The person sitting on the back seat is so squashed in with bags that they can’t really move or breathe properly, let alone be a useful passenger (help navigate,…
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Picking up the car

Today was an extra special shiny day. A bit like Christmas. Better even, because today we went to Land Rover’s Head Quarters and picked up our Landy – name still to be decided (come to our fundraising event tonight and if you’ve bought the winning raffle ticket you get to…
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