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Interview with Villi Knudsen

Asked if he’s passionate about volcanoes Villi Knudsen tells us he’s interested in people who make shoes, he thinks being a postman would be an interesting job and that he enjoys watching his model train of an evening.

Not what you’d expect from a man who’s spent his life chasing eruptions and going where no sane person normally would in his pursuit of perfect volcano footage.

Villi and his father before him have spent their lives waiting for and watching Iceland’s active volcanoes erupt. In what looks like someone’s garage Villi still cuts film on his Steenbeck; we can barely get in for the rolls of film.

At first Villi’s dramatic films shown in his tiny cinema, of him flying over craters in a chopper and driving towards flowing lava fields, jar with the wry and understated man. And then you hear one chuckle and you realise that’s Iceland all over.

Watch the clip below, bear with the understatement and we hope you’ll enjoy meeting the enigmatic and intriguing Villi as much as we did:

And if you’re ever in Reykjavik make sure you go and meet the real deal at:

Red Rock Cinema, Hellusund 6a, Reykjavik

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Colin on 3/09/2010 at 9:13 am said :

Icelandic Volcanoes are the best…Love it :)

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