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What the Greeks told us

Greece is the most seismically active country in Europe, experiencing thousands of earthquakes a year (the vast majority extremely mild) so it was always going to be interesting to talk to locals in Athens about how earthquakes affect their life, especially as the city experienced a serious earthquake in 1981….
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Don’t pick on the scientist

One of the things we’ve been surprised to learn is the growing trend for holding scientists accountable for predicting natural events, particularly earthquakes.
It is well known that it is impossible to predict earthquakes, yet a growing number of scientists and technicians have come under attack in recent years for…
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Fame in the Peloponnese (our new album)

We’re in Kalamata to find out about life in the town, which was hit on 13th September 1986 by an earthquake of nearly 6.6 magnitude. Although 28 people lost their lives, in the long term the town made a hugely successful comeback from tragedy.
Kalamata is the second biggest town in…
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The trouble with earthquakes…

A headline we read the other day summed it up..
“Scientists can’t predict earthquakes but toads might be able to”
It was about a study published in the Journal of Zoology which claimed that toads had detected the L’Aquila earthquake days before it struck.
Zoologist Dr Rachel Grant studying toads 74…
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We eat, drink and get on with it

Greece is one of the most seismically active countries in the world. It is riddled with fault lines and frequently experiences earthquakes. We visited the town of Nafpaktos, near the Corinth – Patras rift which experienced a 5.1m earthquake in January this year. We talked to some of the local…
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Step into the red zone of L’Aquila

Washing blows in the wind long since dried, a child’s toy lies abandoned in a pile of rubble, an entire bathroom hangs at an impossible angle from a decimated apartment block. On every street corner are the haunting signs of a city abandoned in minutes, as people fled their houses…
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Interview with Sandra Helgudottir

A while ago back in Iceland with met up with Sandra, the trainee tattoo-artist cum earthquake expert. She was helping run the earthquake centre in Kopasker. Watch this clip for a younger person’s perspective:


Interview with Villi Knudsen

Asked if he’s passionate about volcanoes Villi Knudsen tells us he’s interested in people who make shoes, he thinks being a postman would be an interesting job and that he enjoys watching his model train of an evening.
Not what you’d expect from a man who’s spent his life chasing…
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Interview with Soffia Sigurdardottir

Some of our more avid readers may have noticed we are a tad heavy on the geography and a little light on people.
This is because we are filming all the interviews we are doing and it takes time to edit, upload and post this stuff. So please bear with…
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