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Off-roading on the E80

The defining force behind the next leg of our journey is the massive North Anatolian fault. Scientists have identified a pattern of earthquakes starting in 1939 moving from the most Easterly point of the fault, West towards Istanbul.

Our destination is the Karliova Triple Junction – not a BK meal deal but the place where it all begins. The Karliova Triple Junction is the meeting point of three tectonic plates – the Anatolian, Eurasian and Arabian.

From the East our aim is to trace back the earthquakes which have struck towns and villages along the fault since 1939.
One of the main Turkish motorways, the E80 runs the length of the fault, but in an unexpected twist Lottie was to find herself doing some of the most extreme off-roading yet. It seems a decision has been made to widen the entire motorway at the same time. Using some unique roadworking techniques.

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