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Off-roading on the E80

The defining force behind the next leg of our journey is the massive North Anatolian fault. Scientists have identified a pattern of earthquakes starting in 1939 moving from the most Easterly point of the fault, West towards Istanbul.

Our destination is the Karliova Triple Junction – not a BK meal…
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Gateway to hell

One of our more nerve-racking days. The long bone-shaking drive through the interior came to an end and we reached Hekla – one of Iceland’s most active volcanoes, also known as the ‘Gateway to Hell’.
It has erupted over 20 times, and is surrounded by miles and miles of lava…
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Geological wonders

As soon as we get on the road we stop. There’s just so much to see here, it’s crazy. Around every bend is another hot spring or volcano. We drive for miles and miles over twisted lava fields and endless black deserts.
Sometimes it feels like we are in Mongolia….
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Off-road training day 2

One of the highlights so far. All three of us went to Land Rover Experience at Eastnor Castle, where Land Rover have access to the 5000 acres of mud tracks, steep hills, rivers, and forests at the foot of the Malverns Hills.
Here we got to experience the Defender in its…
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Off-road training day 1

Day one at Land Rover Experience. See if you can spot the bit where one of us has a little driving ‘wobble’…