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What goes up…

In a change from our usual programme, here’s the lowdown on some of the things that are making our day on our trip.

Slippers and Socks.
It may sound obvious, but on a trip like this you miss your home comforts. That doesn’t necessarily mean anything especially luxurious, but rather something you…
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Once upon a time…

We’ve made it down to the surreal, Dali-esque region of Cappadocia in central Turkey. Whilst this involves a significant detour off the North Anatolian fault, we decided to come here because it provides yet another fascinating example of how earthquakes can shape people’s lives and profoundly effect the local geography.

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It’s this fault’s fault

Our aim has always been to drive as close to fault lines as possible. Little did we really appreciate at the time that this would guarantee us such a spectacular journey. Fault lines often manifest themselves as beautiful mountains ranges or calm valleys, creating an enticing environment in which to…
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Mega Trench

When we first began researching the trip we spoke to Dr Ioannis Papanikolaou, a Greek earthquake geologist, telling him we wanted to find out about any possible benefits of fault lines. His answer was immediate… when you come to Greece you’ll see.

And driving from Nafpaktos to Athens we did. The…
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Delphi – a load of hot air?

Given that we are trying to understand the impact a fault line can have on people’s lives, our journey wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the astonishing Mount Parnassus along the Corinth Rift – a fault line that has potentially influenced more people’s lives than can ever be imagined,…
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Something in the air tonight

Our aim all along has been to shun motorways and get as close as possible to fault lines themselves. Little did we expect, however, to be able to bed down in the crater of a volcano, our mats gently warmed by the earth below, inhaling air that has been proven…
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Hard boiled or soft?

We’ve been eating like kings here in Iceland. Beautiful lamb, salmon, trout, all readily available at remote petrol stations, and then barbecued to perfection by Serena. Yummy. But breakfast has been another matter – usually consisting of a couple of biscuits and a strong coffee before we pack up Lottie…
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You say tomato

So far we’ve come across geo-thermal energy being harnessed to generate electricity, bake bread, make cinder blocks, de-ice pavements and heat water for swimming pools.
As we drove east of Reykjavik, we came across yet another example of the earth’s natural energy being used creatively by the Icelanders –…
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Wonder bread

One of the areas we have always been keen to explore is whether or not there can be a positive side to living on a fault line. This is obviously a delicate area, and one that requires careful negotiation. However, today we came across three brilliant, if somewhat different examples…
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