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For all the geologists out there

The seismometer we’re carrying around with us has be to be single heaviest thing we own, especially given how small it is. It also happens to resemble a small bomb, so we won’t be taking it into Iran.
When we first set off, we naively imagined we’d be doing a…
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Our first seismometer reading

On our second night in Iceland as soon as we set up camp, we got out our seismometer. Iceland can experience up to 80 earthquakes a day, so there was a very good chance we might record one. Paul Denton from the British Geological Survey has loaned us two portable…
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Seismology training day

Fault Line Living is lucky enough to be supported by the British Geological Survey. Since 2007 the BGS have been assisting UK schools to set up their own seismic recording stations capable of detecting and analysing the vibrations reaching the UK from large earthquakes that happen on the other side…
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