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Interview with Icelandic swimmers

As some of you know already, we met these lovely people on the geo-thermal beach in Reykjavik and talked to them about life on a fault line.

We’ve now had the chance to turn our chat with them into a short clip, which has to be one of our favourite…
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Hard boiled or soft?

We’ve been eating like kings here in Iceland. Beautiful lamb, salmon, trout, all readily available at remote petrol stations, and then barbecued to perfection by Serena. Yummy. But breakfast has been another matter – usually consisting of a couple of biscuits and a strong coffee before we pack up Lottie…
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You say tomato

So far we’ve come across geo-thermal energy being harnessed to generate electricity, bake bread, make cinder blocks, de-ice pavements and heat water for swimming pools.
As we drove east of Reykjavik, we came across yet another example of the earth’s natural energy being used creatively by the Icelanders –…
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Getting into hot water

It’s difficult not to get blase about the way in which Icelanders harness their geo-thermal energy. Everywhere we go are steaming vents or hissing rocks that stopped us in our tracks when we initially came across them.
However, a project like ours wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the…
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Geological wonders

As soon as we get on the road we stop. There’s just so much to see here, it’s crazy. Around every bend is another hot spring or volcano. We drive for miles and miles over twisted lava fields and endless black deserts.
Sometimes it feels like we are in Mongolia….
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Wonder bread

One of the areas we have always been keen to explore is whether or not there can be a positive side to living on a fault line. This is obviously a delicate area, and one that requires careful negotiation. However, today we came across three brilliant, if somewhat different examples…
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