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The magic mushrooms of Mudurnu

Once more we are travelling west along the North Anatolian Fault, and our destination is the Mudurnu valley- a beautiful, peaceful landscape of mist-filled mountains and serene lakes and valleys created by the fault line.

En route we stop off in Bolu. In the main street we are somewhat surprised to…
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…Must come down

We all know that travel broadens the mind, and on the whole is jolly good fun. But there are always one or two little niggles along the way. Instead of therapy we thought we’d share them with you here.

Big maps and small maps.
Big maps have lots of detail, but…
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Hard boiled or soft?

We’ve been eating like kings here in Iceland. Beautiful lamb, salmon, trout, all readily available at remote petrol stations, and then barbecued to perfection by Serena. Yummy. But breakfast has been another matter – usually consisting of a couple of biscuits and a strong coffee before we pack up Lottie…
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