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We like Ologies… an archaeological detour

Earthquake geologists like Ioannis are constantly on the look out for evidence of old earthquakes. That way they can better understand the behaviour of fault lines over long periods of time. Mostly they find clues in the rocks themselves but sometimes the clues are more dramatic like here at Kechriai, where an ancient temple has been submerged under 2 metres of water.

The temple is apparently where the apostle Paul gave his famous speech to the Corinthians. The reason it’s now under water is due to earthquakes, and not just one. Only several earthquakes produced by the fault lines that surround this site could have created subsidence of such a scale.

So geologists know that earthquakes have happened here in the last 2000 years since Paul gave his speech (assuming her wasn’t doing that knee deep in water.) The task then is to pinpoint which fault line caused them.

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