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Jam making

It’s not the most obvious of prizes to fund raise for a 15,000-mile expedition, but in order to give our party a slightly more homely feel, Serena decided we might raise a few more pennies by making some Jam.  Yes, you read it right. Jam.  Of the Strawberry and Raspberry variety.  Not together mind.

This is our raspberry jam recipe:

450g raspberries
450g granulated sugar

Sterilise jars in oven by cooking at 170 degrees for 20 minutes

Boil fruit for 2 -3 minutes

Add sugar

Cook for 2-3 minutes

Then boil vigorously for 5-10 minutes

Tip:  Make a saucer really cold by putting it in the freezer for a while.  Then, once jam is boiled, put a little bit of it on the saucer.  If jam wrinkles when pressed, then it will set.  Honest.

Spoon jam into jars and allow to cool

Place wax disc over top and dress jars in suitable WI fashion

We had a minor hiccup along way – we realised we’d saved loads of jam jars but no lids.  An inventive way round this was to eat lots of gherkins, marmalade, hot peppers, mustard, olives, beetroot and thai curry paste out of the cupboard.  Lunch was very interesting that day.

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mel on 7/08/2010 at 9:03 pm said :

The Women’s institute would be proud of you!

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