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The magic mushrooms of Mudurnu

Once more we are travelling west along the North Anatolian Fault, and our destination is the Mudurnu valley- a beautiful, peaceful landscape of mist-filled mountains and serene lakes and valleys created by the fault line.

En route we stop off in Bolu. In the main street we are somewhat surprised to…
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Georgia on my mind

We’ve decided to take advantage of being so far east and drive a little further north towards Armenia and Georgia, into the spectacular Kackar mountains. This area once belonged to the Kingdom of Georgia so it feels quite different from the rest of Turkey. Map reading can be a bit…
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East is East

Hurtling towards Iran and we’ve been keeping a steady eye on Ahmadinejad’s antics. Unfortunately in the past few weeks his inappropriate comments at the UN and the ongoing nuclear debate mean British-Iranian relations are at a pretty all time low. The official FCO policy is that it’s fine to…
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It’s this fault’s fault

Our aim has always been to drive as close to fault lines as possible. Little did we really appreciate at the time that this would guarantee us such a spectacular journey. Fault lines often manifest themselves as beautiful mountains ranges or calm valleys, creating an enticing environment in which to…
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Mega Trench

When we first began researching the trip we spoke to Dr Ioannis Papanikolaou, a Greek earthquake geologist, telling him we wanted to find out about any possible benefits of fault lines. His answer was immediate… when you come to Greece you’ll see.

And driving from Nafpaktos to Athens we did. The…
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